Dear Friends, :

February 12, 2021 ~ February 12, 2021


Dear Friends,

          After over 60 years and 3 generations of the Myers Family serving the community at Myers Funeral Home, Jill and I have decided to sell our family business.  For some, the funeral home is a business, but to us, this is our life, our memories, our everything.  At the age of 19, I came to Wellsville and made this community my entire world.  Kent and I built a life here, had three children and raised our family right here in Wellsville, where I have remained for over 48 years.  Myers Funeral Home has always been a family run funeral home, that we took great pride in.  From a father/son to a husband/wife and now a mother/daughter commitment, we have truly been honored to serve countless families over the years.  

          Myers Funeral Home is our family home, the home my kids spent their entire lives in, our family lived upstairs and we ran the business downstairs. The kids had their friends over for sleepovers, we had birthday parties, graduation parties, the community basketball hoop was here for many years, this was the place my kids came back to visit while attending college and most importantly, this was the home Kent felt most comfortable being at, in his last remaining months and days. 

          To say this decision was extremely difficult, would be an understatement.  On August 27, 2005, Kent was diagnosed with cancer.  Although we knew the odds were against us, we continued to fight as a family, getting Kent through his treatment plans and letting him guide us as we took over his role as head of the funeral home.  Jill was a traveling Registered Nurse at the time, she immediately quit her job, moved back to Wellsville and started working on getting her funeral directors license, while taking care of and planning Kent’s treatment plans.  Kent fought cancer for 364 days, but ultimately lost his battle and passed away on August 26, 2006.  I can still vividly remember the morning he passed away.  I told my kids, I’ve been doing this (the funeral business) for over 25 years and I have no idea what to do next.  My feelings and emotions were all over the place, from denial, to anger, to feeling numb, to feeling like the world just crashed down upon me.  We, as a family, took the steps we needed to take to get through the next several days in the way we felt Kent would have wanted.  Kent and I never talked about what we would do if something happened to him, we just focused on the next thing we needed to do to help him through his cancer diagnosis, as well as continuing to run the funeral home in the way we always had. 

          In 2006 when a decision had to be made as to what the future held for Myers Funeral Home, we weren’t ready to let it go.  The community had been there for us through one of our darkest times and we wanted to continue to be there for them.  After Kent passed away, Jill asked me what I wanted to do.  I was 51 years old and I felt like the life I had always known was now gone.  So many things were going through my mind, I had no idea if the community would support or want me here, without Kent.  This was his hometown, the profession he had planned to go into and the family business he continued after his father passed away.  The last thing we ever wanted to do was disappoint someone.  Much to my skepticism, the community embraced us, supported us and encouraged us as we took the next few uncertain steps and continued to run Myers Funeral Home as it had always been run. 

          15 years ago, Jill and I had to change roles and learn how we would work together, in order to do things as Kent and I once had.  Myers Funeral Home is so much more than a business to us, every family we have served becomes part of our own family.  Seeing and helping people at some of their most disheartening times, only draws us closer to them, wanting to do what we can to get them through some of their darkest days.  I hope every family that we have served over the years, knows how important they are and always will be to us. 

          To all the families that have trusted us with your loved ones, we thank you.  We treated each and every individual the same way we wanted our husband and dad taken care of.  Losing a loved one is never easy and to know that you placed your trust and confidence in us to take care of them, means more than you will ever know. 

          For anyone that has already made pre-need funeral plans with Myers Funeral Home, every cent of your money is still in your individual account, along with all the interest it has accrued over the years.  Nothing has been touched, your account is still as it was.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us. 

          Selling the funeral home was something that took a lot of thought and especially prayer to make sure we were making the right decision. We wanted someone that would invest in our communities and the people in it, we wanted someone that would take care of our community in the best way they knew how.  Afterall, this is still my community and I will continue to live here.  It is only right and in my heart that I would want the very best for our friends and our communities. 

          As of April 1, 2021, Todd Yager will take over ownership of Myers Funeral Home.  For those that don’t know, Todd also owns, Arnold, Pickering and Schlanker Funeral Home.  We hope Todd and his staff, embrace and love our communities as much as we have and wish him nothing but the best. 

          The Wellsville, Middletown, Martinsburg and surrounding area have given us a lifetime of love and memories that we will cherish forever.  Thank you for all the support you’ve given to the Myers Family over the past 60 years, we love you all.


In utmost sincerity,

Jane and Jill

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